Kickstarter Spell Grid

During the Wizard’s Academy Kickstarter backers were able to cast spells by sharing the project on various social media platforms. Our backers were tremendously supportive and managed to unlock all of the spells for the project, casting most of them. The botches often lead to spurious Kickstarter updates, but some of the spells added content to the game:

Arcarna was cast twice adding five extra spells to the game.
Persona added a bonus character, Irini, to all games.
Augmentation was also cast twice, adding four new scenarios.

These bonuses have been added to every copy of the game ever made, not just those available during the Kickstarter, so if you ever get to play a copy it’ll be a copy that contains these bonuses 🙂

AAA Current Spell Grid

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Spell Grid

  1. I quite like the look of this game, it’s not often I do get interested in a game but this game looks fun, and I love the idea it will be different every time it’s played. Good game, Awesome concept. Well done guys.

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