UK Games Expo 2016

Hi everyone! After a relapse I am finally (mostly) recovered from spine things. I’m not allowed to fight anyone for a bit, but I’m up to walking and talking so I’m going to be bringing 3DTotal games to the UK Games Expo 2016

…so apparently now that I’m able to blog again something has broken the blog site so that image uploads don’t work. Alright, image free version of the post then…

Our stand is A28 which is right next to the seminar room, opposite the new game playtesting area and corner to corner with the main game area. We’ve got enough space for a table to show off our games and a little table for people to be able to try them. If you fancy playing any of the things you’ve read about on the 3DTotal games blog then come and give them a whirl!

I also have the manufacturer’s prototype of Wizard’s Academy to hand and a demo team that’s played a game and (hopefully) can remember well enough to teach it. It won’t be available until Monday (rotten luck!) but we’ll be taking pre-orders and are happy for people to get a chance to try the game out.

Escape the Nightmare on the other hand will be available, please come and check that one out. Last time I took this to a convention it caught fire and everyone wanted to have a go, I’m really hoping to see some of that this time around. I will consider it a personal success if the room is filled with people buzzing angrily at each other 😀

I think it’s going to be a great show this year, it’s moved into an NEC hall which is huge and has a great line up of stuff going on. If I can see you there that’d be fantastic, if I can’t then at least know that I’m getting better and will resume all of the game design blogging that you’re subscribed to this channel for next week, after the convention.

Good game and have fun 🙂

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