This page lists FAQ and errata for Scandinavia and the World: A Heap of Trouble.

If you have a question about the rules that isn’t answered here, email [email protected] and he’ll add it to the list.

Are any cards misprinted?

The “Robot” item indicates that it satisfies Brother New Zealand. No such card exists, it satisfies Sister New Zealand.

The “Nature Reserve” item does not say that it satisfies Antarctica. This is an error, it does.

“Sister Estonia” shows that she is satisfied by Nordic acceptance of Estonia. No such item card exists. This is not an error.

Do you reveal more countries if there are more players?

No, you always reveal two, regardless of player count.

This means that in games with four or more players some players will get nothing.

Are unsuccessful bids discarded?


Even if you don’t get anything.

Even if an event makes the amount of coins bid irrelevant.

The only time it will not be is if a character ability specifically states that something different happens to your bid.

What if everyone bids nothing?

Then there is a tie, which is resolved in the same way as any other tie: The leader chooses who will select a character first. Then they choose who will select second. And so on.

Remember that you collect your coin for bidding nothing when it’s your turn to select a character, so whoever is chosen to pick a character first will also get the top card of the item deck (The value of which is visible to all players when the leader makes their decision).

What happens when satisfied characters are given, stolen or discarded?

The items satisfying the character always move with them. If a character is given or stolen it remains satisfied and may cause its new owner to win.

If the character is discarded the items satisfying them are placed in the item discard pile rather than the character discard pile.

Can you use an item that is satisfying a character?

No, once you’ve given an item to a character you can’t use it to bid, pay costs or satisfy a different character. It’s theirs now.

Do you have to give an item to a character who is already satisfied?

No, in fact you may not even if you want to. The rule about using items from your hand to satisfy characters immediately only applies to unsatisfied characters.

Is there a difference between banished and discarded?

The same thing happens to a character that is banished or discarded – they and all of their items go to the discard pile.

However they are considered to be different. For instance Sister America’s power allows you to take a coin from anyone who banishes a character – if someone discards a character because of the lava demon event, you could not take a coin because the character was discarded rather than banished.

How is Thailand affected by effects that care about gender?

Thailand’s gender is neither male nor female as discussed beneath this comic, but for the purposes of the game they are affected by abilities as if they were both male and female. Thus Italy will cause them to be banished and they can contribute to Sister Japan’s Yaoi power.