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In Escape the Nightmare you have fallen asleep and found yourself in a shared nightmare with your friends. You want to escape but a collection of devious wardens block the path and you cannot fight them while visions of delirium, abduction, mutilation and death whirl before your eyes – but there is a way out. You can swap parts of your nightmares with your friends and try to form a world coherent enough to escape, if you’re fast enough. However you are not the only things in here.

It’s coming.


ETN_cards_Page_47Escape the Nightmare is a cooperative game about players escaping a nightmare. They start with a hand of cards depicting different nightmares and must trade with each other in real time to obtain sets of cards that will allow them to defeat the wardens and escape.


To make it harder, if you receive an action nightmare you have to immediately do what it says, or doom all players to failure. Sometimes simply receiving one of these cards while inadequately prepared is enough to precipitate defeat, so always communicate clearly before trading.

To make it harder, if you receive a restriction nightmare it will limit how you can talk and trade until you next successfully complete a trade.

To make it harder each warden has a special ability that affects all players.

To make it harder one player has a card marked “It’s coming. Run.” and must count down from ten, if their count reaches zero everyone loses. The count can be reset┬áby trading the card, but there’s no safe way to be rid of it save for escaping the nightmare.


  • Frantic trading action. There are no turns, so you need to swap cards as quickly as you can. Trade well to defeat the wardens before your hunter catches you.
  • Thematic nightmares. Every time you receive a card in trade it affects you. A mutilation nightmare might force you to stop using your hands where a fear of isolation could oblige you to lie to your friends.
  • Customisable experience. With two play modes, six difficulties and eleven nightmare types you can easily adapt the game to any group. Play a slower paced game that allows for some mistakes and involves singing and hugging or have a heart pounding race against the clock with only deadly serious effects – the choice is yours.


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