Quickfire Design Analysis

Apparently I’m bad at twitter and have to write everything in long essay format. This is probably true, but for practice let’s try getting some thoughts down in less than a bajillion words. I’ll do a quickfire analysis on my gaming shelf of supreme disorder. Let’s go!

Cash and Guns Yakuza

Neat Design Decision: Getting players to physically menace each other with foam guns and swords pretty much holds this game together. I play abstract games and often undervalue the importance of components compared to game-play, this is a perfect example of when it really matters.
Room for Improvement: The first time we played this we misread the rules and thought that players had to throw the shuriken at each other, rather than the card representing their character. Leading to feints and dodges and dives. This proved more enjoyable than the actual rule and we refuse to fix it.


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What’s a Game Designer?

I’ve achieved an important milestone in my ongoing campaign to ruin the youth of today, for the crime of no longer counting me amongst their number despite me having continuity of experience from a time where I could eat constant junk, barely sleep and experience no ill effects: I’ve been invited to a university board gaming group to tell them about being a board game designer.

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Artists for Game Designers

Last week I was interviewed by Richard Bliss on Funding the Dream which should go live on Thursday. One of the things that we discussed was access to artists. As I work for 3DTotal, which was an art company long before we made any games, I have the opportunity to work with an art director and a host of great artists. Presently I’m working with Sean, Justin and Ludwin on Wizard’s Academy and they’re doing beautiful work, I’m very lucky to have this arrangement. If possible, I’d like to try to extend the opportunity of working in this way to more game designers, so that’s today’s topic: What could I do in order to help more great game designers access more great artists?


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