What’s the price of a game?

So I’m presently losing sleep over how to price pledge levels for the upcoming Wizard’s Academy kickstarter. Fundamentally the problem is this: I would like to charge the lowest possible price that leads to the game still shipping, to maximise the number of people who get to enjoy the game (This is my main motivation for being in game design, over industries in which people actually make money and don’t get talked down to at parties). However after a point a lower pledge level makes the campaign less likely to succeed in which case nobody gets to play the game, so today I’m going to review the things that go into setting the price of the pledge level and talk about some solutions that I and other creators have used in the past.


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In a Bind

*Blows dust off blog*

*Chokes on 316 spam comments*

Wow, it’s been a while. The last post is dated June! This is really embarrassing, while I have been doing some exciting things (Including two secret projects) there’s really no good reason that I haven’t written anything in so long. I tried to come back to it once before with an entry entitled “How to make friends by setting fire to yourself.” but the entry was destroyed (possibly attempting to follow its own advice) and that turned me sour on the whole thing for a time. In any event, it’s been too long and I need to get back to writing about games and game design! So where to begin…

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