404 Law Not Found

404: Law Not Found is on sale on Amazon (US only). Our shop is presently out of stock.

It’s a board game about being robots whose three laws have been deleted and replaced with directives cobbled together from junk code. You and your friends will race to be the first to Hide Breathing, Improvise Science and Destroy War. 404 is suitable for 2-6 players and takes about an hour to play.


404 was launched successfully on Kickstarter where it received spectacular responses from reviewers.

“Jen and I have really enjoyed the game so far, I mean every time we’ve gotten a really different surprising selection of directives. Some of them are really straightforward some of them are really twisted.” – Rahdo Runs Through (video review)

“404: Law Not Found is like trying to solve a puzzle where the pieces are constantly moving.” –Polyhedron Collider

“On the surface, 404: Law Not Found is a very silly game. However, a couple of rounds into your first play and you realise that it’s not to be taken lightly.” – Littlemetaldog

“I really like this game, and am backing it on kickstarter, and a “how to play” doesn’t give you the laughs and the despair and the depth of the puzzle and the fun you’re going to experience at the table, trying to fulfil your directives and being scuppered by your opponents as they steal your items, shove you into the wrong room, or you drop all your items.” – Box of Delights (mini review on BGG)

“The game, while being very silly on the surface, is actually very strategic. A lot of thought needs to be put into your actions so you can make the most of your turns.” – PurplePawn



If you’d like to know more about it, check out this “How to play” video:

Get it here!

58 thoughts on “404 Law Not Found

  1. Getting this in the United States would be about $75 is that correct? I’m interested in getting the game but want to be accurate in pricing. Any chance of this game being shipped to stores over seas soon?

  2. At this moment google gets the currency conversion as $48.92 – shipping is included to the US 🙂

    It’s not going to be shipped soon, the kickstarter is finished but we’re still in pre-production. Any orders now are added to the KS list so you’ll get a copy from the first wave that is sent, but it won’t be for a few months. The kickstarter updates are all public and every two weeks there’s an update on the state of the game so you can follow it live there.

    404 will eventually sell through the 3DTotal website and on Amazon (after the KS backers and anyone who orders before the first shipment), but is unlikely to appear in traditional distribution venues this print run.

  3. Hi there! Great game, i just sent the paypal payment, just wanting to know how long (roughly) i will need to wait to get the game?

  4. Hi Ruby,
    Sorry that I didn’t see your post right away, I responded by email but figured that I should answer here too in case anyone else has the same question. The original intended delivery date is May 2014, but due to a problem with punchboards it is likely to slip by a few months. The kickstarter updates page is regularly updated with the latest about the game’s production (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/820113175/404-law-not-found/posts).

  5. Hey, I’m interested in the game and made a payment to the account [email protected] using PayPal back on April 3rd. However, according to PayPal, the payment is still unclaimed. Are we still able to purchase pre-orders?

  6. It is still possible, strictly I’m meant to increase the price again soon (essentially there’s a discount for getting involved earlier in the process) but I’ll hold off till you’ve had a chance to place your order. The issue is that the paypal account is [email protected] rather than [email protected], so you’ll need to change the payment to go there.

  7. Hello guys, Just like to say first that I’ve looked at everything regarding your game on kickstart and I’m extremely interested and excited to get myself a copy if your still accepting orders before shipping.
    Myself and a couple of friends are starting our own reviewing website for all things game related. My own section is about board and card games because that is my specific area of interest.
    I’m going to give you guy a mention in my first editorial but only a small mention as I haven’t played it and only know what I’ve read, which sounds like a great concept for a game and the game looks good too.
    I was wondering if for reviewing purposes you could send me a print and play version of the game so I can play it with the group and give it a proper review before it comes out for general release. We are just starting out so it would be great to be able to review a game before it’s released at general sale and your game does very much interest me.
    Appreciate all the good work you’ve put into this game and look forward to playing it once it’s released.

  8. Hey there, glad you like it 🙂

    We are accepting orders before shipping, at the moment the game is a little more expensive than during the KS (since we gave a discount to people who believed in us enough to get it going) but cheaper than it will be at launch (since it’s easy for us to integrate new orders with the KS supply chain). The details are all in the last paragraph of the article.

    Quite happy to send you the print and play for 404 for review. Drop me an email at [email protected]. If you’re interested in print and play games and have a surplus of paper you can also check out the prototype for my next game here: http://www.3dtotalgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/WizAcademyPnP140320.zip

  9. Thank you very much I’ll send over an email now and look forward to trying out the game and giving it a review on our website, which has now gone live. http://www.darkcleoproductions.com
    I’ll definitely look at your other game too and see if we can print a copy out and give that a go too, how far is it into the prototype are you already into the kickstarter phase?
    Thanks and good luck with all your future projects I’m looking forward to give 404 a go.


  10. Can I buy just the Print and Play version? My house is already overflowing with games, but I love to study novel game mechanics and PnP versions of card games are great way to feed my habit.


  11. This looks like a great game. I am really looking forward to playing it!
    I would like to get a copy of 404:law not found. For shipping to Germany it is £30, is that right?


  12. Simon, Bettina, Marcelo: Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply! I’ll drop you all emails right away.

    To answer the questions for anyone else who comes by wondering the same thing: I’ll sort out PnP purchases on a case by case basis, Germany is in the EU so is eligable for free shipping, Brazil is not so we require an extra £15 (making the total cost to get a copy in Brazil £45 at the time of this post)

  13. I placed an order in mid June (US delivery) and am trying to get a handle on when I might expect delivery. Not even sure if 404 is shipping yet or not. Really looking forward to getting to play.

  14. Just wondering if there were still copies of 404: Law Not Found available to purchase (the actual game, not the Print and Play).



  15. Hello everyone! I’m afraid I really allowed myself to fall behind on maintaining this page, I’ll email all of you individually because it’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll be checking the comments after so many days, I just wanted to post a comment to let anyone else who passed by know that I was still alive and checking what’s written here.

  16. Hi Tristan,

    Assuming you’re talking about the print and play, yup I intend to make it available as an ebook and am offering it at a slightly reduced (compared to its final price, not the KS price) level to people who are ordering before we’re done with the main fulfillment of the game. Drop me a mail at [email protected] and we can sort out the details.

  17. Hi there – I sent money via paypal for the game and sent an email query as to whether Switzerland is covered within the £30 payment, but didn’t get a response. Can you please let me know if you’ve received the payment, and whether this is all ok?


  18. I’ll drop you an email, but I’m afraid that the free shipping offer is to the EU and US. Switzerland is not a member of the EU or the US (The latter would be something of an alarming geopolticial development)

  19. Hello,
    I am Interested in ordering a copy of the game. Reading a few updates i am not sure…. is it better to still go through you guys or wait for amazon to carry it since it seems you guys have shipping all set.

    I am in the United States. Please email me reply.

  20. Arthur: The game has been manufactured but is stuck in port over shipping troubles. It shouldn’t be too much longer.

    Matthew: You’re best off ordering at the moment, because you’ll get a lower price and free shipping. Once the game leaves China we’re increasing the price and ending the free shipping. The game will appear on amazon marketplace, but in the short term it won’t be cheaper than ordering now (We may discount it after a year if we’ve stock left)

  21. Hello,
    I’ve pre-ordered a copy of the game and payed by paypal last week.
    I’ve tried to get a confirmation through the kickstarter “contact me”, but have not received a reply so far. Can you please confirm via email that everything is in order?
    Kind regards,

  22. Hi Andrei,

    I’m going through my Kickstarter and paypal backlog today, I know that I have messages from paypal that I’ve not yet added to the shipping spreadsheet so if you’ve not recieved any error messages you’re probably fine – but I’ll do the paypal backlog before I do the KS backlog and give you a definite answer when I get to your message there 🙂


  23. I paid for this game on Dec 9th, 2014. The game appears to be in the same status now as it was then, stuck at shipping. I did not receive a confirmation from you that you had received my payment. The only thing I have is confirmation from Paypal that it was paid.

    Did you receive my payment and am I still on your list to receive this game? I am in the US. Any guestimate on the timeframe?


  24. Hi Deanna,

    You are indeed on the list to recieve a game. The games are currently on a boat heading to the US, the ETA on that boat is in three days. Once they hit the US the shipment will be broken up into individual packages and sent out to everyone, including you. I imagine you’ll have it in a couple of weeks.

  25. Thanks for your quick reply. I posted this before I read your blog, where I saw answers to some of my questions. Looking forward to the game!

  26. I’m interested in purchasing this game, but see the new wave is in production. There was word of it appearing on amazon, but I could not find it in the search as of yet. Do you have a guess when it will be appearing? Also, as I realize production is still new and in the works, is there a guess as to when the next shipment of 404 will be available?

  27. Hi Andrew,

    Presently the games are being loaded into an Amazon warehouse, once they are I’ll update a spreadsheet which sends games out to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter. Once the Kickstarter games have gone out I’ll wait a little while and then list the remaining inventory on Amazon. Some people have been waiting over a year since backing the campaign so it’s important to me that they get their games first.

    My hope is that the game will be available via Amazon in April (and that our backers will get their games in March)

  28. Hey guys

    I just ordered a copy of 404 but have not heard anything back for the past few days. Ca i get some confirmation of my purchase and maybe at ETA on delivery. Thank you.

    Joel Pearman

  29. Hi Joel,

    Don’t worry, I’ve got you on my list 🙂 The ETA is a bit up in the air at the moment, your game is stuck in US customs at the moment, once it clears there it’ll go to an Amazon warehouse and be delivered to you via their Amazon International service. I’m afraid this is the first time I’ve used this service so I can’t give an estimate for how long this will take all in.

  30. Hi Greg,

    I am so excited about this game, I found totally randomly, shame on me I didn’t know it earlier. I have just sent you a paypal payment for one copy of it. Could you confirm and say how much time it would take to arrive here, in Bulgaria,

    All the best,

  31. According to the kickstarter updates the games have been already delivered to germany two weeks ago.
    I made my payment for the game in June 2014, but have not received it yet. Am I still on your list to receive it?


  32. Hi Rusi and Bettina,

    The answers to your questions are broadly the same: We’re sending out games in roughly the same order that we received payment. Most of our KS backers have now either received their games or have them in the mail and we’re moving on to paypal orders starting with those that were made the furthest into the past.

    Bettina, I’d anticipate that we’ll get your game out within the next week or two and you’ll see it not long afterwards.

    Rusi, I think that we’re going to run out of games and need to resupply before we get to your order. That timing on that depends on how quickly we can get US Amazon to become cooperative about sending us games here in the UK – it shouldn’t be too long but it might be a month or two.

  33. Received my copy today and it’s great, however the robots are bent at the ankle and I’m worried about trying to straighten them, also two are the same colour (both orange) can you help at all?

  34. Hi Andrew,

    If you drop the robots into hot (not boiling) water they should unbend themselves. Optionally stick them into cold water immediately afterwards to make them stronger. Don’t try to do it by force or you might break them. There’s an update about the issue here:

    If you’ve got two of the same colour then presumably you’re missing one of a different colour? Just email me with details of which one is missing and I’ll send a replacement. Maybe do the hot water thing first in case it breaks one of them (I’ve had reports of 100% success with the method, but you never know) so that if you need a second replacement I can send them both at once.

    • It’s not, we changed the punchboard in response to a stretch goal and forgot to update the rules. You should find you also have one more door than is recorded in the rulebook and if you check the B side of the board you’ll see that it’s necessary. Conversely you should still have one damage counter per machine that might be damaged.

    • Everything that we’ve sent to Germany should’ve been delivered by now, I’ll try to track down your game immediately.

    • Looks like your game went out over a month ago, we’re talking to the shipping company. I’ve dropped you an email asking for you to confirm your address to make sure that it’s not gone to the wrong place.

  35. Hi! Really looking forward to playing this game. Could you please confirm you’ve received my order and any chance of an ETA?
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Yup, I’ve got your order 🙂 Once the shipment arrives we’ll send out the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand copies and then will be free to fulfil other orders. I’m told we should expect it to show up around July 7th, so I’d imagine you’ll see it around the close of July.

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