How to make friends by setting yourself on fire

“We really need to persuade the queen to take action, I’ve got the best diplomacy bonus at +18, what’ve you got?”
“Well we can all aid another for another +10”
“Good, what else?”
“You can borrow my hat of Charisma for +4”
“Great, anything else?”
“I could cast Eagle’s Splendour.”
“Doesn’t stack with the hat.”
“We can take the prince with us, since we rescued him he’s probably worth another +2”
“Does that count as our masterwork item bonus?”
“Grab my cloak just in case.”
“Alright, any more bonuses?”
“Sure I’ll set you on fire.”
“Great, then … wait! What?”


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In a Bind

*Blows dust off blog*

*Chokes on 316 spam comments*

Wow, it’s been a while. The last post is dated June! This is really embarrassing, while I have been doing some exciting things (Including two secret projects) there’s really no good reason that I haven’t written anything in so long. I tried to come back to it once before with an entry entitled “How to make friends by setting fire to yourself.” but the entry was destroyed (possibly attempting to follow its own advice) and that turned me sour on the whole thing for a time. In any event, it’s been too long and I need to get back to writing about games and game design! So where to begin…

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