Kingmaking vs Virtual Elimination

I store fruit next to my computer, but the chocolate is in a cupboard downstairs. This is because I know that I’m lazy and greedy but would prefer not to be. I can have chocolate or I can refuse to get up, but if I do one I can’t do the other. I’m not sure I could successfully fight my vices alone, so setting them up in opposition to each other seems like the way to go.


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The Perfect Player

There are lots of people who play games, but let me tell you about someone special, the perfect player of games. She is characterised by two things, the first of which are her capacities. Intellectually, she’s second to none, as soon as she’s skimmed the rules she’s learned them, by the time setup is finished she’s a dozen idea for good strategies and by the end of the first game she’s well on the way to mastering it. Woe betide you if you seek to beat her at a game she’s put any real time or thought into.


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