I like money. If you offered to give me some money, no strings attached, I’d take it. I imagine I’d feel better about that the more of it that there was. It is, however, singularly useless. I can’t eat it, live in it or construct anything more elaborate than a particularly poor paper airplane. It has value solely expressed by the things I can do with it, I don’t see five thousand pounds as a large pile of coins for my Smaug cosplay, I see it in terms of the millions of things that I could possibly do with it. Showered with riches I think I’d spend my life making games, the act of creation has value for me, so the coin has value for me.


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One of my favorite games of all time is Fallout 2. I’m sure that this is at least in part because I happened to be at an impressionable age when it came out, but I still think that it did a lot of things very well. I enjoyed the feeling of freedom, while I often give up that freedom and play the game “in order” the fact that you can run straight to the penultimate area from the start of the game made those decisions meaningful rather than something the game forced me into doing. On top of all of that, the game had style.


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