SatW A Heap of Trouble Rules

Scandinavia and the World: A Heap of Trouble Rules

(Graphical edition, still very much a work in progress)


A few notes on the details:

To setup the game deal five item cards and one “nothing” card to each player. Give the lead seeker card to the player who is dealt the lowest total value hand.

Players may use their “nothing” card to bid 0. If they do they return this card to their hand at the end of the bidding and draw an item from the top of the item deck. The “nothing” card is not otherwise considered a card in its owner’s hand and cannot be lost, discarded, traded, stolen or otherwise interfered with.

Each turn the lead seeker draws money cards equal to the number of players. They must hand out these cards rather than cards they previously possessed.

Bids are selected and revealed simultaneously.

If an event is bid then selection order is determined by the text on the event rather than by the amount that was bid.

All items bid are discarded, even if the bidder did not obtain a card.

Each turn two country spirits are revealed to be placed in the middle of the table.

If there are more players than cards in the middle of the table a player may pass and choose to receive nothing, otherwise they must select a card.

If there are more cards in the middle of the table than there are players, the last player claims all remaining cards.

Characters with shaded in ability boxes have an ongoing ability which continues to affect the game for as long as the character is in play.

Characters that are banished (or otherwise removed from play) are placed into a face up discard pile next to the character deck. Items are treated in the same way. If a deck is exhausted, shuffle the discard pile to form a new deck.

If a player can satisfy one of their characters they must do so immediately. It does not matter if they drew the character or item first. If this is their third satisfied character then they win immediately.