SatW: A Heap of Trouble

What sort of game is it?

A bidding card game for 2-6 players that plays in half an hour or so.

What’s it about?

Countries have taken human form! You need to persuade a group of them to work together long enough to get the things that they all need from a big heap of stuff.


What makes it fun to play?

A game is based on interesting decisions. A heap of trouble has easy to learn rules, but still offers a lot of them:

  • Every item card is also a money card – do you use it to bid or to satisfy a character?
  • Characters provide an ability and a means to win – do you bid for characters that want the items you have or ones with more powerful abilities?
  • The first player distributes money and decides ties – is it worth skipping over a character to obtain these advantages?
  • Highest bid wins – do you trust that you can predict your opponents well enough to slightly outbid them or spend resources freely for characters you really want?
  • Some characters are bad – how many resources do you conserve to avoid having to choose last when Nazi Germany is one of the options?


(Side note: Nazi Germany is a different character to Germany and they are very much not friends)

What makes the world interesting to explore?

The game is based on a much loved webcomic about the interactions between the spirits of various countries. It’s cute, interesting, informative, naughty, silly, heartwarming … it’s a lot of things.

Whether it’s commenting on how Iceland grows bananas with lava, the love story of Denmark and Bornholm, why Estonia is crying or different countries attitudes to female leaders it’s always got something engaging to say.


So how does that come through in the game?

Cards have snippets of quotes talking about the relationships between these countries and the things that they’re trying to obtain.

Some of these may be reassuringly familiar: Nobody will be surprised to learn that one of America’s desired items is Oil.

Others may be a little more surprising: Do you know why Iceland needs a human penis in a jar (and why they were delighted when one was finally donated to the cause a few years ago?)


Existing fans of the series can look forward to over a hundred brand new pieces of art drawn by the SatW team specifically for this game, including the odd Easter egg surreptitiously snuck into the game for their enjoyment.


Sounds great!

Alright then, I hope you get a chance to play it sometime. If you want to subscribe to our mailing list we’ll drop you a message when the game’s available. If you’d like some more information or fancy helping out with some playtesting drop me a line at [email protected]


The webcomic: click here.
A draft of the rules: click here.
A TTS playtest mod: click here. (somewhat out of date)
If you have questions or feedback please message me at [email protected]